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Located on 99 Street, Close to the University of Alberta, Old Strathcona and Ritchie

Edmonton South

Open 7 days a week, including most holidays. Book online 24/7 or call reception: Monday-Friday:  8:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holidays: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Welcome to our cozy South Edmonton clinic located close to Mill Creek, and adjacent to Old Strathcona and Ritchie.  At Alberta Momentum Massage Therapy South Clinic, therapeutic massage is provided within a historical building from the early 1900s. Clients enjoy the unique setting and amenities of the area. Therapists may use modalities such as cupping, stones or bamboo to enhance the therapeutic work and your experience. Confirm when booking as to the options and choices. 

Each of the Registered Massage Therapists is certified and able to provide a receipt for insurance companies.

Located at the corner of 99 St. and 86 Ave, there is parking at the back for clients. There is also street parking.

Cancellation Policy: Please respect our therapists and other clients by giving us at least 24 hours notice when possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any reason, please call 780-488-8640 and leave a message as soon as possible. Please do not cancel by email as it is intermittently monitored. Thank you.

Our therapists pre-screen prior to each day worked. If they have any symptoms that might be related to Covid-19 (even if they have a history of allergies, migraines etc.) they unfortunately must be cautious and cancel to protect clients and our community. We know that our clients look forward to their massage and are at times disappointed.  Please know that we stand strong to support the health of individuals, therapists, and our community in these times and look forward to future days. 

Our Therapists

Photo of Loni, Registered Massage Therapist in Edmonton

Loni, RMT

Loni graduated from the South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy 2200 hour program. Currently she is registered with NHPC. Loni enjoys her rewarding career helping others achieve their

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Photo of Shantell, Registered Massage Therapist in Edmonton

Shantell, RMT

Shantell is an Alberta Institute of Massage graduate with 2200 hours plus extended education and 7 years experience. Over the years, she has developed her skill set in

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Photo of Kim, Registered Massage Therapist in Edmonton

Kim, RMT

Kim graduated from the 2 year, 3000 hour Makami College in 2013 where she received an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Diploma. She often uses the Advanced Orthopedic, Neural

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Brandy, RMT in Edmonton

Brandy, RMT

Brandy is a graduate of the 2200 hour massage program at Grant MacEwan University. She has always had a passion for understanding the workings of the human body,

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Photo of Shannon, Registered Massage Therapist in Edmonton

Shannon, RMT

Shannon has been practicing massage therapy since 1994 both part and full time. Her goal has been to rehabilitate and help tissues heal through both remedial and advanced

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Erica, Edmonton registered massage therapist

Erica, RMT

Erica has always been inspired to continuously delve into learning about the body’s ability to heal itself and return to a natural state of healthy well-being. A fundamental

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Erin T, RMT in Edmonton

Erin G, RMT

Erin is absolutely passionate about helping clients reach ultimate health! She graduated with honours from MH Vicars Massage Therapy College in 2014 and thoroughly enjoys her career. Witnessing

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Heng, Edmonton Registered Massage Therapist

Heng, RMT

Heng graduated from the 2200 hours MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy program.  She builds therapeutic relationships with her clients by listening to and providing treatment for their unique

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Photo of Kaitlin, Registered Massage Therapist

Kaitlyn, RMT

Kaitlin is a graduate from Grant MacEwan University and has a passion for helping people. She is an avid outdoors person and loves going to the gym.  She

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alberta Momentum is open 7 days a week and into the evenings to provide maximum opportunity to arrange an appointment around your schedule.

Alberta Momentum Registered Massage Therapists (or RMTs) are professionally schooled to offer many modalities to suit your needs. Our primary focus is to assess conditions and concerns prior to your treatment, to better address and focus on a technique that will relieve pain and discomfort. Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release are some of our deeper techniques. Gentler pressure is applied for clients who are interested in the Relaxation Massage Therapy. Clients may also choose one of our specialty treatments such as Hot Stone, Thai, Lymphatic Drain or Cupping.

Here are just a few common ailments that may be managed with massage therapy:

  • Daily or prolonged stress or depression.
  • Headaches caused by muscle tension, jaw clenching, or a body overloaded with toxins.
  • Prevention of new injuries caused by hypertonic muscles prior to athletic exercise.
  • Sports injuries causing muscle, nerve, or joint pain.
  • Joint pain caused by overuse, arthritis, or injury.
  • Prenatal and postnatal body pains
  • Bloating or water retention
  • Repetitive stress injuries

It is normal to sometimes feel a little discomfort during of after a Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage because your Registered Massage Therapist will be working on areas where muscles need to be elongated. This can produce the sensation of an intense stretch, or the type of soreness you experience the day after a workout at the gym.

The most important thing to ask when choosing a Massage Therapy provider is “Are the RMTs registered”, because making sure you are in the right hands will prevent any aggravation to your existing conditions. All of the Massage Therapists at Alberta Momentum Massage have graduated from a reputable College of Massage Therapy which is regulated by a governed by an association and the Alberta government.

Everyone has a different reason to come for a massage. Whether you are in pain from an injury or in need of some stress relief, massage can be an excellent way to maximize your body’s healing potential.

During a regular Table Massage Treatment, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket with your comfort and privacy taken very seriously. Your Massage Therapist ONLY uncovers the area being worked on using proper draping technique so you will never feel exposed or violated. If undressing for a table massage isn’t for you, please let your therapist know and we can make special accommodations to your comfort level. We also offer Seated Chair Massage and Thai Massage where undressing or oil are not a part of the treatment.

We offer table massages anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. 60 and 90 minute durations tend to be the most popular, and will allow your therapist to address problem areas while working on major muscle groups. In order to start on time, please arrive no later than about 10 minutes prior to your appointment if it’s your first time at  Alberta Momentum Massage, as we will need a little time for your consultation, plus mandatory paperwork. If you have come before, please come a little before your scheduled appointment to give time for the therapist to greet you and allow you to get ready for your massage.

Yes. Most of our Massage Therapists have been trained in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage. We have a wonderfully comfortable Pregnancy Massage bolster which allows expecting mothers lay face down safely while feeling  and being supported and cushioned. Or you can lie on your side too if that’s your preference.

Many Canadian and Albertan health care benefit packages include Massage Therapy as a part of their coverage. We are not able to check your policy limits for you due to privacy issues but a quick phone call or check on their web site will let you know if you are covered and how much you are allotted each year on Massage.  After that point, all you need to do to claim your treatments is pay for your massage and mail your receipt to your provider.

Please respect our therapists and other clients by giving us at least 24 hours notice when possible, if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. You can cancel online or by phone (leave a message if our receptionist is not available). Please do not cancel by email as it is intermittently monitored. Due to the pandemic we are suspending the cancellation fee of $40 at this time. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please call us at 780-488-8640 and leave a message as soon as possible. Thank you.

Most of the regulations that are lifted won’t change what we do so well! Therapists will still wash their hands (many, many times a day), disinfect and clean. Hand sanitizer will be available (as it was pre-pandemic).  Physical distancing of chairs will stay.

And for the time being, masks will be required for both therapists and clients during your treatment session, either massage therapy or acupuncture. (Masks in public areas of the clinic are recommended, not required).

Why this decision about masks during the assessment and treatment?

Similar to other health care interactions, massage therapy and acupuncture need a longer duration of time and closer contact to assess and treat. We made this decision considering both those not yet fully immunized and those vulnerable due to other factors. We will look again at this decision in the upcoming weeks, and consider the continuing low case counts and number of Albertans who are fully vaccinated (2 weeks post 2nd vaccine).

And until those masks are completely gone, you can know that there is a smile behind the mask. Just check the therapist’s eyes!

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