Erica, Edmonton registered massage therapist

Erica, RMT

Erica has always known that she would find a career involving her personal interests of health & well being. From a young age her beliefs have been that the body has an amazing capacity for self healing and that during times of stress, illness or injury, if only guided in the right direction, the body can more easily return to a healthy state of being. The massage therapy program has further supported this belief system and is what taught Erica how to live life with the right balance of activity, nutrition and healthy living. Erica is a graduate of MacEwan University’s 2200-hour massage therapy program. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Relaxation, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage.

Unfortunately Erica is no longer accepting new clients. If you are a returning client or have a referral please call the clinic to inquire 

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