Oksana, RAc, RMT

Portrait of Oksana, RAc, RMT

Oskana loves helping people transform their relationship with health from frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed to empowered, engaged, and excited by taking ancient wisdom and combining it with modern science and digital technologies to create a natural system of medicine that consistently delivers incredible results.  She trained at MacEwan University in acupunture, going through extensive hours of […]

Amanda W, RMT

Amanda, Registered Massage Therapist in West Edmonton

Amanda graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been a massage therapist for 5 years. Amanda always had an interest in working within the healthcare profession as helping people has always been a main focus in her career choice. Massage therapy has numerous effects on bodies and people that […]

Howl, RMT

Howl , RMT

Over the past few years, Howl’s life has taken some curves leading him down a path of self-discovery and growth. He recently began a new chapter that is centered around mental and physical health and happiness. In this process, he attained his 2200 hour Certification in the Massage Diploma program at Makami College and is continuing […]


Dawn has completed 2200 hours with Makami College to be certified as an RMT. In June 2022 she will complete her program and obtain an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Diploma with 3000 hours. In the years before her journey into Massage Therapy, Dawn was a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Support Worker, working with youth with disabilities. She also […]