Jade Stone Massage

Jade Stone massage is a specialty treatment in which the therapist uses hot and chilled carved jade stones to assist in therapeutic treatments. One massage stroke with a heated stone is the equivalent to seven with just your hands and the chilled stones although used sparingly in a treatment are 80 times more powerful for treating acute conditions. By using a style that can incorporate both hot and cool stones you will receive the benefits of thermotherapy as the heated stones allow the therapist to work deeper in to muscle layers and hydrotherapy as the chilled stones can help to treat inflammation and release toxins and are a great choice to treat conditions that effect the sinuses or circulatory system. Jade stones are mined, cut, shaped and polished into specific shapes that allow the therapist to use more therapeutic techniques than a traditional hot stone massage would allow. Jade itself has been said to have healing properties that help to balance the body. Jade is made of calcium, magnesium, and iron which allows the stone to hold hot and cool temperature equally well without the risk of cracking or the feeling of a more porous stone on the skin.

This wonderful combination therapy can:
-increase circulation
-balance the body
-strengthen the heart
-promote relaxation
-release inflammation and toxins
-improve overall vitality
-flush internal organs and lymphatic systems
-assist in improving sleep and overall sense of well-being.

Jade stone massage is a wonderful choice for the treatment of a multitude of conditions as well as a great option for those just looking to relax and enjoy a warm professional treatment. A select few of our massage therapists at Alberta Momentum Massage are qualified to provide Jade Stone Massage treatments so please feel free to select "Jade Stone Massage" in our online booking service options to find out which one of our Registered Massage Therapists can perform this treatment for you. Of course you can always call our office at 780 488 8640 and speak to us directly. We're always happy to help and answer questions.

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