Expanded Services

Central to the philosophy of registered massage therapy is that each registered therapist continues their education long after they've graduated from their massage program. This continual quest to perfect techniques and offer new modalities and services not only helps therapists maintain and develop their skill sets, but it means that we're able to continue to offer new and inventive treatments to help provide you the best experience possible.

We're pleased to offer add-on services - services that do not need to be booked in advance, but that select therapists can incorporate in to their treatments for you. Check back here to see our current offerings.

Erin & Liz – South Side Clinic – Reiki

Both Erin and Liz are RMTs at the South Clinic who have certification and experience with Reiki.

Tiana D – West End Clinic – Kinesio-Taping: + $20

Kinesio tape is stretchy with the ability to be supportive while moving comfortably with your body. Whether you are an athlete preparing for, or recuperating from an event, or you are looking for assitance with a muscular or joint related condition, Kinesis-Taping may be a great option for you! Just book a massage with Tiana, and let her know that you're interested in learning more about this fantastic technique. Some benefits of Kinesio taping: *Correcting alignment of weak muscles *Aiding natural joint motion *Increasing circulation to treated areas *Anti-inflammatory effect *Lymph drainage *Pain relief Just select Tiana for a standard treatment, and ask to add on one of these awesome services when you arrive

Kristy – South Side – 30-minute Orthopaedic Assessment


Kristy offers a 30-minute Orthopaedic Assessment as an option for clients on their initial visit. This is highly recommended for those looking to understand more about their own postural/muscle imbalances, contributing factors to their chief complaint, and to develop a fast and effective treatment plan.