Gift Certificates

This season choose one of 2 complementary greeting cards with the purchase of your Gift Certificate from Alberta Momentum Massage Therapy.

Consider the gift of registered massage therapy for that special person or event! Therapeutic, relaxation, hot stone, sports, bamboo and more.

Purchase on location in either Clinic and choose one of 2 cards with your Gift Certificate.

Want to purchase on line? Purchase the Gift Certificate, choose your card and send “instructions to merchant” including name, address, and a short message.  Or email us with the name, address  (including postal code) and message.  Then we’ll put it in the mail it for you!

NOTE: Offer available until December 15  with purchase online and December 23 on location at either Clinic.


Purchase on line. Or at either clinic location.

A unique gift certificate number is provided on the bottom of the card.

Gift certificates are available for purchase at the clinic in business hours. They are immediately redeemable.

To order online: Once a purchase is made, we will email a printable card within 24 hours to the email from which it was ordered. You may print the card or just provide the number when it is redeemed.

All that is left to do for both the giver and receiver is ... Enjoy!

If a gift card is needed in a hurry, please let us know by phone during business hours.

We are happy to try to speed up the process so that you can present your gift of massage on time.

Recipients may use the gift card purchase amount toward any of our services even if the card specifies a different type of treatment. Any remaining balance may be applied to a future treatment!

Cash refunds for gift cards are not accepted.

Please note that gift cards are not redeemable for insurance claims or benefits.

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates

Includes Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage
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Hot Stone Massage Gift Certificates

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Jade Stone Massage Gift Certificates

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Myofascial Cupping Massage Gift Certificates

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