Thai Massage

One of the world’s most ancient forms of healing therapy, Traditional Thai Massage blossomed out of the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine. Over 2,500 years later, Thai Massage remains rooted in these ancient teachings and offers a unique and effective method of relaxation and enhanced energy flow.

RMT Erin T now offers table style Thai Massage at our South Side location. Her rejuvenating 60 or 90 minute treatments help promote the natural movement of energy throughout your body using a combination of traditional Thai massage, compression techniques, and energy work along “Sen” energy lines, and promote relaxation.

Note: Thai Massage is a fully clothed form of massage. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting or stretchy clothes that will allow a full range of motion for you. Dress like you would for a Yoga class or trip to the gym.

South Clinic

8602 99 Street

West Clinic

17635 Stony Plain Rd (Sandman Hotel West)