Pregnancy Massage – Prenatal and Postnatal!

The Massage expecting mothers have been waiting for!

Pregnancy Massage can be both extremely beneficial & enormously relaxing for achy expecting mothers. It’s not always easy being pregnant, in fact some of the time it might be downright uncomfortable! At Alberta Momentum Massage Therapy, your comfort and safety will be our first priority. We use a specially designed Pregnancy Massage body cushion that fully surrounds and supports your body and developing baby, while allowing you to lay face down! Please make sure to let us know of any comfort preferences as we also offer side lying massage treatment position as an option for you.

During your prenatal massage treatment, we’re happy to be flexible to meet your comfort needs. Your massage therapist will always do a consultation prior to your massage treatment to ensure your concerns are addressed and you are ultimately comfortable. Consult with your massage therapist as to when you can resume your treatments after your baby is born.

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