Therapeutic / Relaxation / Trigger Point Therapy Massage

deep-tis150Therapeutic / Relaxation / Trigger Point Therapy are all aspects of integrated therapeutic massage ideal for sports or work issues, as well as the aches and pains of everyday life. The registered massage therapist will obtain a health history and work to provide you optimal relief. 
When ligaments, fascia or muscles become tense or sore, Alberta Momentum Therapeutic Massage Therapists offer treatments that locate the the problem, and help alleviate associated pain and symptoms. By relaxing, stretching and lengthening these muscles surrounding tissue, circulation is improved, internal muscle scar tissue is broken down, and your body’s natural healing process begins providing pain relief. Several therapists incorporate trigger point therapy with their massage which is applying pressure to tissue to relieve pain and dysfunction. Relaxation is part of the therapy too as well as many of the therapists provide hints for home exercises or stretches.

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