What’s new at Alberta Momentum:

* Welcome RMT Tiana D to the West End! Tiana offers therapeutic, relaxation, and prenatal treatments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and writes receipts claimable through your insurance.

* RMT Oksana is bringing her phenomenal Raw Honey Massage to clients at the South Side Clinic: Local, raw, unpasteurized honey will take your therapy treatments to the next level! RMT Oksana taps in to the healing powers of honey to help increase circulation and improve lymphatic flow while offering a relaxing and invigorating treatment.

* Welcome Sonya P to the South Side! An accomplished Thai Massage therapist and teacher, Sonya is in the process of finishing her two year massage degree at MH Vicars. Sonya will be offering discounted treatments in to June of 2015 while she is completing her degree, at which time she will begin offering receipts that can be claimed with insurance.

* Welcome Jessy P to the West End! After finishing her first year of the 3000 hour MaKami College program, Jessy is offering excellent discounted treatments for those of you that do not need to claim an invoice with insurance.

South Location Openings

8602 - 99 ST

West Location Openings

17635 Stony Plain Road

South Edmonton Location – 8602 99 ST

Open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm:
Alberta Momentum Massage South
8602 99 ST
Office: 780 488 8640
Schedule a massage at our cozy South Edmonton location, within the heart of Old Strathcona and Mill Creek. Located on 99 ST, just a few blocks from Whyte Avenue and just next door to the Mill Creek Vetrinary Clinic. Since 2008, we have been providing quality registered massage from deditcated therapists who are able to write a claimable receipt for all insurance providers.

Sandman Hotel Location – 17635 Stony Plain Road

Open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm:
Alberta Momentum Massage West
17635 Stony Plain Road (Within Sandman Hotel)
Office: 780 488 8640
Schedule a massage at our beautiful new West Edmonton clinic! Located within the Sandman Hotel West, next to the hotel pool, you can enjoy the same relaxed atmosphere and excellent treatments as our south location. We offer the same high quality registered massage, with therapists who have the required 2200 hours of training to guarantee your insurance a valid insurance receipt.

Welcome to Alberta Momentum Massage Therapy! With 7 day-a-week operating hours, and 18 registered massage therapists to choose from, we strive to be your first choice for massage therapy treatments in Edmonton, Alberta. Our reputation as one of Edmonton’s highest quality massage therapy clinics continues to be built upon on the skill and passion of the therapists that provide your treatments, and a commitment to fair prices and prompt, caring customer service. Every one of out RMTs* has formal training from reputable and recognized massage therapy schools. We are happy to provide you with a receipt for your insurance provider at the time of your payment. Please take a look at our list of massage therapists in the "Meet Us" section of our website. You will find that each and every one of our therapists are qualified to perform a wide variety high quality treatments to meet your needs, and supply you with a receipt which you can use with any health insurance provider*. Please be sure to contact your insurance provider to be sure you are covered for massage therapy services.

*Please note that we now have two therapists, Jessy P and Sonya P, who are in the process of finishing their degrees. They offer awesome treatments at a discounted rate because they are not yet able to provide an invoice for insurance.

Our Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. For appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours, we reserve the right to charge a $40 late cancellation or no-show fee. We do understand that emergencies and special situations do come up. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please call us at 780-488-8640 and leave a message.

Alberta Momentum Massage Therapy Contact

South or West Office: 780 488 8640
Email: albertamomentummassage@gmail.com
Web: www.albertamomentummassage.com