Photo of Liz, RMT at the Edmonton West Clinic

Liz, RMT

Liz loves learning about how people move through the world. Repetitive tasks at work, old injuries, new injuries, natural body posture, stress and any combination of things in your life play a role in how you move. Liz wants to provide treatments for people that help them take part in their own health. She provides an environment that makes it possible for people to settle into themselves; increasing ease in movement not just in the physical body but in all aspects of their life. She comes to the west clinic at Alberta Momentum after practicing several years at the south side and some recent travel experience. Graduate of Grant MacEwan University 2200 hour Massage Therapy diploma in 2014, Liz uses myofascial cupping, myofascial release, deep tissue, therapeutic, Swedish massage techniques to release tension and injury held in the body.
Liz is also a graduate of Grant MacEwan University 3300 hour Holistic Heath Practitioners diploma in 2011.  The knowledge from this program allows Liz to look at your treatment with a holistic approach. Using Reiki, Reflexology, and a basic understanding of Acupressure make it possible for Liz adjust your treatments to suit you.

You can book a treatment with Liz at our Edmonton West Clinic.

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